CPR for Life
of Tampa Bay


Is this an official American Heart Association Course?

Yes, you will receive an American Heart Association virtual eCard after successfully completing the course.

I have found a CPR course that I can complete totally on-line. Why should I take an American Heart Association course?

As in life, if it sounds too good to be true…………..it is. If a CPR course is 100% on-line, you will NOT be issued an official American Heart Association card. Many websites will tell you that they teach the American Heart Association guidelines, however, you do not receive an American Heart Association card because they are not teaching an official American Heart Association course.

What is a virtual eCard?

The American Heart Association is now issuing virtual eCards in place of paper course completion cards. You will receive an email after course completion with instructions on how to claim your eCard from the American Heart Association website. You will never need to worry about losing your card again. Your employer may also go to the website and verify your course completion. Virtual eCards will eventually replace all paper cards. 

Does the American Heart Association have an on-line course available?

Yes, the American Heart Association does have an on-line course. After you complete the on-line portion, you will print out your official certificate and take it to an American Heart Association Training Center to complete your skills check and be issued your AHA virtual eCard.

After I complete the American Heart Association on-line course, can I complete the skills portion with CPR for Life?

Yes, please review the Course Schedule page for dates and times.

Do I have to pay when I register for the class?

No, payment is not required until you arrive at the course.

What happens if I register for a class and then I’m not able to attend? Do I have to pay anyway?

No, there is no penalty for not being able to attend a course. We hope that you will give us as much notice as you are able.

How long will I have to wait to get my American Heart Association virtual eCard?

American Heart Association virtual eCards will be issued the same day as your course is completed.

I can’t find a date on the CPR for Life website that will meet my time availability; what can I do?

Please call us with some dates that you are available to take a course and we may be able to add a class to the schedule that meets your needs.

When practicing mouth-to-mask, how do I know the one-way valve is clean?

We will provide you with a sealed one-way training valve to practice with during mouth-to-mask training
I have at least five (5) people that would like to learn CPR, will you come to our location to provide the training?

Yes, an instructor can come to your site if there are at least five (5) people to take the course.

Our office has ten people, can we get a discount?

Yes, groups rates are available.